Valentines Day 2023

Valentines Day 2023

Posted by Rachel Goldsack on 23rd Jan 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023

Not sure which type of flowers fit your loved one on Valentine's Day?

We've got you covered…

Take a look below to learn how to pick the best Valentine's Day flowers this year…

Everyone loves flowers – ask anyone young, old, male female, even google agrees that the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day is flowers and chocolates!

When you choose the right florist too you are definitely on to a winner!!

So if you've decided on Valentine's Day flowers this year for your loved one, here we share some of our favourites!

The one thing especially this year is please don’t leave it to the last minute!

Although we will be delivering Saturday, Monday and Tuesday we have limited availability too. Your best bet is to order early and leave the rest to us.

Giving a red rose or a dozen of them on Valentine's Day is traditional.

But if you want to try something different, or you feel that’s not you or them, you can ask us for some recommendations.

That said, here are some flowers you may want to consider for your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Roses Are Red...

But everyone knows roses come in yellow, orange, purple, pink, white etc.

Now, if you've always given red roses on Valentine's Day and want to try something different, you can go for a mix of red and white roses. Red mixed with white means unity, which is a good message to convey to your partner, especially if you've been together for quite some time now.

White roses also represent ‘purity’ which, for a relationship that is in very early stages, can signify hope for a stronger unity to come, and a love that will grow.

Tulips, Lilies, and Orchids

One of the best things about tulips as Valentine Day flowers is their longevity. Even after they've been cut, they will continue to grow. And maintaining them isn't too hard, either.

Just keep them in a place where they'd get a lot of sunlight. Tulips aren't as in your face as red roses are.

As for lilies and orchids, they're great to give if you fancy the tropical Contemporary style.

If your sweetheart is a bit of trendsetter, you can't go wrong with lilies or orchids. Of course, if you want a more balanced bouquet, you can go for a combination of white lilies or white orchids and red roses.

                               Positively Pink

Want to add a finishing touch to Your Valentine's Day Flowers?

There are many ways to take your Valentine's Day flowers to the next level.

We have teamed up with the amazing Nadine’s a local chef for some amazing Valentine’s sweet treats or how about her delicious cupcakes too?

We also stock balloons, and Thornton’s chocolates too!

Avoid disappointment this year and order from Contemporary Flowers

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