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Will you be my Bridesmaid?

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Will you be my Bridesmaid?

How to create beautiful bridesmaid proposal boxes

Will you be my Bridesmaid that is the question!

Preparing to ask your nearest and dearest to be your bridesmaids?

Planning your wedding can be a lot of fun, and one of the most exciting moments will be when you ask the special women in your life to be your bridesmaids. You'll want to make this proposal almost as special as the original, and you can do this by creating beautiful gift boxes full of items that you can use to celebrate, or that your bridesmaids can cherish.

It isn't always easy to work out what your gift boxes should look like and contain, though. Here, I'll take you through my five top tips that will help you create the perfect package.

Make it personal

The best way to show that you've put plenty of thought into a gift is to personalise it. So, while you can certainly include some of the same pieces in all of your bridesmaids' proposal boxes, I would also recommend including some items that are more personal to them. For example, you could include a framed photo of you and them, or have some bridesmaid T-shirts made that include their names.

You'll also want to add a "will you be my bridesmaid?" card where you tell everyone how much they mean to you, and why you want them to be an important part of your day. This is going to be a very special moment for you and your friends or relatives, and they're sure to keep and cherish the gifts you give them.


Add some gifts you can celebrate with

Once you've proposed to your bridesmaids and they've all accepted your invitations, you'll want to celebrate. So, make sure you include some treats that can help you do that. For example, you could add mini bottles of champagne or pre-made cocktails to their gift boxes. Or, if you've already started to think about your hen party, you could include bridesmaid sashes that everyone can wear when you're out partying.